GCCF Champion Coonflakes Caitlin- Rose "Caity"

Caity is a beautiful red smoke girl, from Laura and Steve at Coonflakes Maine Coons.  She has a good profile and super boxy muzzle with great boning she inherited from her daddy!  She is a lady that knows her own mind, but has a very loving nature which means she is always forgiven. Caity had her first litter of kittens in June 2013 and another super litter a year later. She is a most attentive mum, and really looks after her kittens. Caity carries dilute.  A big thank you to Laura and Steve for allowing Caity to come and live with us.  Caity gave us three litters of beautiful kittens, including Jasmine who stayed with us too.  She was spayed in 2017, she stays with us as a loved pet,