GCCF Ch & Pr, FIFE  Gr Int Ch & Pr Coonflakes Bella Swan "Bella"




Bella is another girl from our good friends Laura and Steve at Coonflakes Maine Coons. I loved Bella from the first pictures I saw of her, so couldn't believe my luck when she came to live with us at 9 months of age.  She is a beautiful classic tortie tabby, with lovely pale green eyes. She has a super square muzzle, and large well set ears, and a really long tail!! All this together with the sweetest laid back nature. Bella had her first litter of kittens in October 2013 and was an excellent mum.  Bella only ever had one more kitten, a singleton born in April 2016.     Bella was spayed later in 2016 but stays with us as a much loved pet,  and gets taken out to the occasional show and loves the attention:)